The Mindset Mastery Curriculum 

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The Mindset Mastery Portal

The only hands-on SEL curriculum 

The Mindset Mastery Web Curriculum ™ (MMC) Portal has 29-modules, it is hands-on, brain-based, and life-changing program for developing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills that result in high levels of achievement in college, leadership, and life.  The program is designed to help high school and college teachers and students master SEL by creating long-lasting empowering thoughts, beliefs, and habits that lead to success.  With over 160 powerful hands-on multimedia lessons, an easy-to-use interface, little to no teacher prep time, multiple scaffolds for all learning differences, and intensive teacher training to ensure program success, teachers have all they need to develop their students’ SEL skills, as well as their own.

SEL Curriculum for the 21st. Century Learner

SEL Curriculum for The 21st. Century Learner

Cultivate a school culture of risk taking, resilience, and trust

The Mindset Mastery Web Portal is easy to navigate and access the curriculum.  It comes with a self guided SEL Master Class three hour professional development that teaches you how to:

                Access the curriculum

                Easy to use and follow lesson plans

                Infuse SEL to your own subject matter

                The FRAP Method

                Interactive videos

                SEL workbook

               And so much more...

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