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Mindset Mastery SEL: 5 Day Institute Agenda

Day 1 - Personal SEL and Mindset Mastery (8am - 5:00pm)

(SEL Self-Assessment, Cultural Awareness, and 10 Beliefs of Effective SEL Implementers)

Day 2 - Building Psychological Safety (8am - 5:00pm)

(Relationships, Class Culture, Student Centered Discipline, Peer Interactions, Extremely Challenging Students, Trauma, etc.)  


Day 3 - Teaching SEL Through Classroom Instruction (8am - 5:00pm)

(Academic discourse, Self Monitoring, Brain Based Teaching, Academic Press and Expectations, and Competence building) 

Day 4 - Practice Makes Perfect (8am - 5:00pm)

(Mindmapping, Role Play, Scenarios, Demo Teaching) 

Day 5 - Taking Action (8am - 5:00pm)

(Creating SEL implementation Plan)

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