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The Mindset Family Culture

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Module 0


Module 0 shows a progression of lessons that can help a teacher develop a powerful and positive classroom culture of risk-taking, respect, empathy, collaboration, learning, and high expectations.

Module 0: Creating a Mindset Family Culture

This module’s creation was inspired by three challenges expressed when teaching SEL:  1. How do I create a positive classroom culture where students are kind to one another and support each others’ SEL learning?  2. How do I strengthen my classroom management so that students learn SEL effectively?  And 3.  How do I help students get excited about learning SEL?  This module includes 15 hands-on lessons where students learn habits that optimize their mental state and create psychologically safe classrooms essential for risk-taking, optimal learning, connecting with others, and effective collaboration with peers!  


The first three lessons generate curiosity, urgency, and excitement around learning SEL by previewing curriculum highlights through gallery walks, engaging videos, and hands-on exploration activities.  The next nine lessons provide students with a suite of experiences to develop and apply empathy, compassionate curiosity, collaboration skills, active listening, community agreements, communication skills, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.  The last four lessons strengthen students’ focus, attention span, self-control, learning, and retention by exploring meditation, organization tips, maximizing focus and attention, listening and note-taking techniques, and effective study methods.

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