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Classroom SEL Plugins ® are powerful routines that develop both student and adult SEL, strengthen school culture, and improve behavior, all while helping you directly teach any academic content!  How is this possible?  Our plugins utilize the power of collaborative academic routines that we already use in our classrooms, but we have re-engineered them to deliberately teach SEL habits and academic content more effectively than ever before!  We have also included many brand new routines based on the latest cognitive neuroscience and behavioral change technologies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), for example, to develop complex SEL skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation, grit, resilience, and emotional regulation, by targeting the root of all behaviors — beliefs and attitudes. 


Collaborative academic routines such as collaborative problem-solving, peer feedback, jigsaw, emotion check-ins, think-pair-share, class norm monitoring, and learning stations, by their very nature, require students to employ all their SEL skills for the achievement of one common group goal.  The fact that they are routines, and not just strategies, ensures that students have multiple opportunities consistently over time to practice these skills in a real-life context, struggle with them, and improve them with feedback, reflection, and repetition until they become automatic SEL habits.  

Classroom SEL Plugins

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