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Professional Development and School Support

Success starts with effective teachers:  Numerous studies confirm that teacher effectiveness is the most powerful in-school factor resulting in student achievement academically and behaviorally and in ensuring the success of any SEL program.

The 5 Day Mindset Mastery SEL Institute ™ ensures that teachers develop their own SEL skills, are properly trained to deliver to teach the MMC and SEL in any content area, embrace the 10 beliefs of highly effective educators ™, and can create the psychological safety that allows students to take risks, learn optimally, participate in honest and introspective discussions with peers, and have life-changing breakthroughs.

Invested and Inspired Teachers

We believe that “A curriculum must transform a teacher before it transforms the students…”  At our 5-day mindset mastery institute, teachers’ own personal and professional lives are transformed by experiencing our modules just as students would.  This full immersion experience allows teachers to experience the benefits for themselves so that a deep sense of commitment, conviction, and enthusiasm is fostered that will translate into the consistent and passionate delivery of these lessons.

Brain-Based Teacher Training

Our training is hands-on, inquiry-based using the BSCS lesson design model, and is grounded on adult learning theory.  We ensure teachers are engaged, but that they have plenty of time to process the information, interact with others, and commit their knowledge to long term memory.  Teachers not only watch effective implementation videos but practice and receive feedback on their delivery until they feel confident implementing the lessons.

Curriculum Personalization

For maximal teacher and student engagement, teachers must be able to personalize the lessons for their student populations and themselves.  Implementing teachers from various school sites collaborate and make specific modifications and supports for all the lessons before they are delivered.  

Ongoing Supports

Professional development and supports must be sustained in order to ensure quality implementation, enhance teacher effectiveness and address any implementation challenges.  We do this by supporting teachers at multiple levels: Our 5 Day Mindset Mastery Institute trains and prepares teachers to launch and deliver the curriculum, we are at school sites to support day one of the curriculum launch, tech support, implementation support via email, a teacher support group, and phone, 2 follow up annual PDs, online webinars and courses, and a Spring conference where teachers from various districts showcase their learnings and best practices in SEL instruction.

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