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A Purpose-Driven Approach

Studies show that when students have a purpose greater than themselves, they exhibit more motivation, happiness, and perseverance in school and in life.  Learning non-cognitive skills such as the Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence will not be as impactful to a child unless the child has a deep motive for wanting to improve their intelligence and control their emotions.  Thus, a greater purpose is the catalyst for an intrinsic drive to learn and appreciate these character skills in addition to the content in their general education courses. Students begin exploring their passions and community concerns while constantly connecting subsequent lessons back to their purpose.  This curriculum also encourages teachers to supplement the curriculum through service learning experiences and guest speakers that can expand a students’ interests of different professions, passions, and concerns in their community. The additional benefits of helping a child live a meaningful life include an intrinsic motivational drive to learn and improve, a decline in risky behavior, increased graduation rates, better attendance, improved behavior, stronger relationships, happier students, and better physical and mental health.

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